music study: for fun and progress


  1. NEW MUSIC STANDS: All Beginners should now bring a music stand for every class. The stands purchased through MATT must be opened properly. Please remind your teacher to show you how. If treated well, these stands will last forever!

  2. PRIVATE LESSONS for BEGINNERS: ALL students are now signing into a private lesson time. Lessons for Violin and Viola are starting from coming week i.e. 3rd Feb. Cello lessons will start from week 2.

  3. MATT PHOTO DAY: Tuesday February 12 is photo day. THURSDAY students are asked to attend a TUESDAY class as well as your usual Thursday class

  4. BEGINNERS THEORY HOMEWORK: All beginner should be handing in a theory worksheet at each class. These sheets are preparing students for reading music, step by step. They are self explanatory; parents can help read through and complete each assignment.

  5. FREE : “Instrument petting zoo” . Invite your friends and school classmates to this fun and free event, before the Rose Orchestra concert Saturday Feb .9th.. Arrive between 7 and 8 pm . and try our some instruments for fun. In the Rose Theatre lobby. Flyers to give out to your friends are available in MATT classes.


BEGINNERS: Practice charts filled in daily FOUR times per week . Bring chart to class!


D scale-long bows and with one of the rhythms below each day

Twinkles: long bows and with one of the rhythms below each day

our rhythms : run pony, mississippi hotdog, mississppi mississippi, I stop and you stop

REVIEW this Week:: LONG, LONG AGO : Line 1 , 2 and 3



  • #1 The Staff

  • #2 High and Low

  • THIS WEEK:#3 The Grand Staff

bring to class for marking


INTERMEDIATES: Practice charts filled in daily FIVE times per week . Bring chart to class!

NEW Scale of F major- F natural to F natural NO #s, ADD Bb

PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN bars 1 to 16


  • Scale of D major , then Fandango

  • Scale of G major , then March in style of Corelli

  • in same key, G major: Largo bars 1 to `14

NEW: in same key, G major : MARCH from SCIPIO bars 1 to 10


ADVANCED: Practice charts filled in daily FIVE times per week . Bring chart to class!

Review: Session 1 music: Canon, Deep River, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

New January pieces:


Rondeau - ALL-practice DETACHED bowing style,

Pirates of the Caribbean - learn to bar 26 FOLLOW BOWINGS

NEW Au Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy- review carefully to bar 18.

  1. Listen to You tube string orchestra version of original piece

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