Your WEEKLY “NoteS”

October 2, 2019


Last Sunday afternoon at Fletchers’ Creek Library Zoe Harlow Aquino, Dakila Rafael, Nathan Merisanu and Johan Jenson Joseph helped to present the MATT program to interested children and parents , performing for them and assisting in explaining what we do. WARM THANKS to you all and to your parents for being there to help as well!.



SMALL ENSEMBLE SIGN UP DUE NOW for Adv and Intermediates. Small ensembles can only be assigned once everyone has responded.

ADVANCED CLASS PERFORMANCE SIGN UP DUE NOW for Saturday afternoon Nov 9: 5oth Anniversary Celebration at Shoppers World Invitation email has been sent to all Advanced students for immediate reply please..


  • Beginners: T-shirt order-name and size needed -see Yogita

  • INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED Private Lessons start this week, WEEK 1 in your calendar,

    now due : $20 lesson surcharge- for 4 lessons in session 1 @ $5 per lesson Please pay Yogita/Admin. parent at next class

    Absence Policy has been sent to all Parents of students who have the privilege of private lessons. You will receive a hard copy next week

    Theory sign up is required for all Advanced and Intermediates not in ensembles No charge, Times are set on same day as classes for your convenience.

  • ROSE and ROSEBUD Orchestra Concert TICKET ORDER “For the Love of Musicals” Saturday October 26th : “ Hear Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof and more.

    We know how inspiring it is for our students and parents to experience a live orchestra performance.

    MATT receives a special ticket price (we do not make any profit on this, btw!)

    PRICES: Adult :$20 plus for up to 4 children inclusive $10.00

For a series of THREE Rose/Rosebud concerts : family price with one adult :$70. For two adults the total is $110.

ALL students must attend at least one of these series concerts to receive your MATT year -end Certificate .

Order from Yogita or class Admin. NEXT WEEK!. Payment in advance.




REVIEW: Bow exercises : : with perfect bow grip (RH):

  • 1. “windshield wiper”, 2. Twinkle eraser game

  • NEW: 3. Monkey Crawl, 4. Elevator/moving sidewalk


  • BOW GRIP : .RIGHT HAND RH: bow grip position

  • How to hold instrument: ALL sit on front of chair with back straight.

    Violin/viola: Lift violin/viola to top of shoulder, turn head to sit on chin rest. Let weight of head rest on chins rest- carefully take away left hand

    Cello: Sit on front of chair, both feet flat on the floor. pull instrument towards you till two knees and chest are touching. Knees are grabbing the instrument so it cannot wobble.. Cello is tilted towards right. Lowest peg at left ear

  • Practice Charts handed out. RH = bow grip (“bunny” Review all of above and bow grip (RH) info 5 repetitions every day for 4 days each week, at your “special” practice time.

    Bring chart to class with you every week, to have checked.

NEW: 1

1. MUSIC ALPHABET! Has SEVEN LETTERS A to G then repeat:


2. NAME your STRINGS from lowest(thickest) to highest (thinnest)

Start with the lowest string and count up a fifth to the next string

eg cello/viola thickest/lowest string is C count up 5 including C: CDEFG

violin thickest lowest is G count up 5 including G: GABCD

3. How to place the bow on the string, using your arm weight.

START with correct sitting position, instrument position and bow grip.

  • Lift right arm and bow above your top string .

  • Let weight of your arm drop onto the string at the frog of the bow. Relax whole arm / hand

  • Pull bow 3 inches along the string. down then up. Repeat 10 times


Review G scale and D scale vln.1 Start on G on D string

                             REVIEW: Strictly Strings: p 1 9 REVIEW: on A STRING 1 to 3

NEW p 19: : 4 and 5

NEW SONG: There’s music in the Air: Learn line 1. Violins read TOP line . Viola/cello learn lower line.

                         REVIEW  Bow division   Long Long Ago


INTERMEDIATE II: (5:15 class) Review G and D scales- TWO octaves

  Vivaldi :- bars 1-12 NEW: Add dynamic markings to bars 1-12

                                A La Media Noce: bars 1-12!

REVIEW: How to play in an orchestra book: March by Corelli to FIRST ENDING

ADVANCED : treat for students who bring pencils to class!

CONCERT COMING Nov 9th! We will bring back some of last year’s faves to play a 20 to 30 min. concert!

TANGO : Be prepared to play bar 1 alone!!

Work on all to bar 52

Sheep May Safely Graze Bach: Review to bar 40 lots of viola melodies!

CELLOS: with Mr Brown: prepare fingerings bar 64 to 70

quick tempo!!

NEW Work on learning notes to bar 64 to the end : bar 121

Country Wedding Dance, Smetana: ALL, add correct articulations (short notes, separate slurred pairs)

REVIEW fade in/fade out dynamic markings

MacPherson’s Lament :cello melody opening, then viola. REVIEW to bar 52

NEW LEARN bars 53 to 68

Perfection is unattainable, but if we chase perfection,

we can catch excellence!

Vince Lombardi