“The true beauty of music is that it connects people.”


  1. NEW MAY MATT CALENDAR: PLAY A THON date : May 25th 11 to 3pm You have received a new MAY calendar via email. Please be careful to discard the old one. Pledge sheets will be distributed April 23 and 25th in class. Who are the folks you can ask to donate a pledge to support your performance that day. FOUR hours of MATT students performing -@$5 per hour brings in $20 for each one you ask! Ask four people, you can bring in the goal of $100 per student..

  1. LAST Rose /Rosebud concert is April 27. “ Spring AWAKENNG”. Orders due April 6th

  2. MISSED PRIVATE LESSONS REMINDER: Please be sure to follow the MATT Absence Policy guidelines to avoid paying full cost for a missed lesson.

4. Session III began March 19. Fees are now PAST due. A $10 late fee will be charged .

5. Ensembles : . The COMPLETE rehearsal schedule: IN LAST WEEK’S blog. Pay careful attention to dates! We hope to have some ensembles performing at the Playathon May 25th!


BEGINNERS. Your TUESDAY class April 16 will be changed to April 18, Thursday at 430

TUESDAY and THURSDAY INTERMEDIATES and ADVANCED students: You will be playing at our Sponsorship Event Tuesday April 16th. Arrival at Towers will be 5 pm . Your exact performance time TBA



Practice charts filled in daily FOUR times per week . Bring chart to class!


Method book STRICTLY STRINGS: ReadIng music . KEEP your eyes on the NOTES! Homework: Learn lines 1 to 4 page 15.

Sign your name neatly in ink inside the front cover. AND Sign your book number on sign up sheet in class


D scale-long bows and with one of the rhythms below each day. NEXT week- D scale handout

Twinkles: long bows and with one of the rhythms below each day

our rhythms : run pony, mississippi hotdog, mississppi mississippi, I stop and you stop

ALL of LONG, LONG AGO : Line 1 , 2 and 3 and 4 with repeats seen on handout


The following students need to hand in Theory Handouts:

Amadea- all; Krishna- all; Dakila,#4 Bass clef; Nayali,#3 Grand Staff & #4,Bass clef; Sparsh, all; Grace, #4 Treble clef Please hand in your overdue assignments which are helpful in learning to read music.

  • THIS WEEK: #5 (MEMORIZE YOUR LINES AND SPACES!!) : Musical Notes handout. When you name your notes, you create words!



Practice charts filled in daily FIVE times per week . Bring chart to class!


1.. . Scale of F major- F natural to F natural NO #s, ADD Bb

PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN bars 1 to 51 scale of G major:

2. Largo bars 1 to `26 with all bowings

3. G major : F# MARCH from SCIPIO : learn the whole song with correct bowings and counting

4. In Learn to play in an Orchestra Book : p.4 Trumpet Tune. Scale of G

5. then p..11., March in style of Corelli-

6. Fandango- review often for performance April 16


Practice charts filled in daily FIVE times per week . Bring chart to class!

Review: Session 1 music: Canon, Deep River, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Pieces for April 16th Special PERFORMANCE - SOLOS: :

1. Amazing Grace- cello solo.

2. Gabrielle’s Oboe- violin solo:

3. Top Priority: Au Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy-ALL : special work with teacher as follows:

Violin I . bars 24 & 25, 35-42

Violin II . bar 1-4, 37 , 43 -46

Violas . bars 1-4 tuning, 31-34, 43-46

Cellos . bars 15-24 inside player plays lower part, 27 -33, 37-41, 49-51

Bass . bar 8-9 , 26-33,51-65-end

4. Danny Boy - ALL- FOLLOW BOWINGS- CELLO SOLO parts-learn well

5. Rondeau - ALL-practice DETACHED bowing , legato (smooth) section b. 40 - 52

6. Pirates of the Caribbean - learn to the end with BOWINGS


“The true beauty of music is that it connects people”. —Ron Ayers