Once again I’d like to thank the Towers and Oxford Management, Students, Teachers, Board members and Parents for their great “show “ -last week’s sponsor appreciation event. The months of planning, the music, the decor, the supervision, the donations for the delicious food, treats for students (Thank you Daljeet! ) and the great work by the caterer, Luther. all culminated in a very successful and enjoyable event. Here are a few more photos as we savor the results of our efforts. Well-done! SEE PHOTOS BELOW- Thanks to Jessica Tiensovan, Wayne Norman

1. LAST ROSE /ROSEBUD CONCERT this year. “ Spring Awakening” Apr. 27 performance Tickets are available this week in class..

2. FULL ATTENDANCE for ALL STUDENTS. Music performance is TEAM WORK ! Please note that from now till the end of the MATT year,students are required to attend ALL classes Theory and Private lessons. Without sufficient advance notice, this being for illness only students may not be able to perform at the June Concert.

3. PLAY A THON Pledge Sheets: Annual Fundraiser for ALL STUDENTS

Saturday May 25: 11 to 3 pm INFO:

Saturday May 25: 11 to 3 pm INFO:

Parents of MATT students are asked to help their children find sponsors towards $100 per family, to support the MATT program. The event takes place Saturday May 25 at Southside Court, Shoppers World Mall. Enter at the Steeles Ave entrance beside “the Kitchen Store”.

How does it work ?. Our sponsors are contributing their donation to support he students who will play for a total of FOUR hours that day, from 1 to 3 pm. (as they would sponsor a marathon run.) A $50 gift card prize will be awarded for the highest family contribution !

Each class will perform part of the time, as seen in the schedule below playing their class music which is being prepared for the final June 7th Finale Showcase Concert .

They will bring stands music etc as they would to class and dress in MATT t-shirts.

ALL Beginners: arrive 10:45: Play 11 to 11:45.

Tuesday Int.: arrive 11:30 Play 11:45 to 12:45

Thursday Int. : arrive 12:15 Play 12:30 to 1 pm

Ensembles / Solos: Arrive 12:45. Play 1 to 1 :45 pm

Advanced: arrive 1:30 pm Play 1:45 to 3 pm

TWO Parent volunteers are needed for each session. Please let Yogita know if you can help.

4. PARENT INTERVIEWS: Each end of year Andrea meets with a parent from each family, to review student private lesson reports, discuss the program and ask for parent suggestions and comments. This is very important for MATT planning. Interviews are 15 min. long. The interview times will be available for your selection next week.



Practice charts filled in daily FOUR times per week . Bring chart to class!

PIRATES MUSIC: for full cast performance at June 7th concert!

NEW THIS WEEK: F natural (not F#) cello: all F’s are low-played with 2nd finger!

violin/viola: 2nd finger touches 1st for f natural BUT: Keep 3rd finger high.

THIS WEEK: Please write in the names of the notes in your music. Review to bar 26 for the June 7 concert

Strictly Strings Review Page 16 : 5 to 7; Page 17: 1-4. NEW Home- work: # 5, 6 and 7. KEEP your eyes on the NOTES!

D scale-- D scale handout- play and READ daily

Twinkles: long bows and with one of the rhythms below each day

Our rhythms : run pony, mississippi hotdog, mississppi ,mississippi,

I stop & you stop

LONG, LONG AGO : Line 1 , 2 and 3 and 4 with repeats seen in handout

MUSIC :THEORY ASSIGNMENTS The following students still need to hand in Theory Sheets:

Amadea- Grand Staff,Treble clef, Musical words; Dakila,#4 Bass clef Musical words; Nayali,#3 Grand Staff , Bass clef, Sparsh, all; Please hand in in your overdue assignments. .They are helpful in learning to read music



Practice charts filled in daily FIVE times per week . Bring chart to class!

PLAYLIST for SELECTION June 7th Concert.

1. Orchestra Book : p.4 Trumpet Tune. Scale of G

2 p..11., March in style of Corelli

3 March from Scipio

4 Fandango

5. Largo Handel ? to be decided next class

PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN bars 1 to 51 scale of G major:, Scale of F Major-Bb/ F&C natural NO #s,


Practice charts filled in daily FIVE times per week . Bring chart to class!

. PLAYLIST FOR June 7th. Concert:

SOLOS: 1. Amazing Grace- cello solo, by Johann

2. Gabrielle’s Oboe- violin solo: by Mya Norman

3.. Canon

4. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

5. Rondeau

6. Deep River

7. Au Clair de Lune

8. Danny Boy

NB:Special practice sections for : Au Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy- : special work with teacher as follows:

Violin I . bars 24 & 25, 35-42

Violin II . bar 1-4, 37 , 43 -46

Violas . bars 1-4 tuning, 31-34, 43-46

Cellos . bars 15-24 inside player plays lower part, 27 -33, 37-41, 49-51

Bass . bar 8-9 , 26-33,51-65-end

9. Pirates of the Caribbean - learn to the end with BOWINGS


“The true beauty of music is that it connects people”. —Ron Ayers

Warming up for performance.

Warming up for performance.

About to begin.

About to begin.

from left: Longtime Supporter Rohit Mehta, Towers manager Rafal Milicer, Board member Steve Truttenbach, MATT Teacher Amir Khouri

from left: Longtime Supporter Rohit Mehta, Towers manager Rafal Milicer, Board member Steve Truttenbach, MATT Teacher Amir Khouri

Clean-up team heading home

Clean-up team heading home