PLAY A THON Canvassing Begins


  1. Saturday May 25th PLAY A THON WHAT IS IT? All students are receiving their Pledge sheets this week, for the 3rd Annual MATT fundraising campaign. Please read through all details on the pledge sheet for information about collecting and handing in funds raised.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Like any other marathon (running, biking walking etc.), we canvass family members, teachers and close family friends to support us in our efforts by donating to our Play a thon. All proceeds go to the MATT program to pay for instruments, bows, sheet music and other program needs

WHO PLAYS ? ALL students are involved with the May 25 PLAY A THON performances: 4 hours of continuous MUSIC. Be sure to confirm your attendance with Yogita.

WHO HELPS? Parents are needed for each shift to help students care for /store equipment and to hand out the snack after performance. Please see Yogita if you’d like to help


ALL Beginners: arrive 10:45: Play 11 to 11:45.

Tuesday Intermediates.: arrive 11:30 Play 11:45 to 12:30

Thursday Intermediates : arrive 12:15 Play 12:30 to 1:15 pm

Ensembles / Solos: Arrive 1:pm. Play 1:15 to 1 :45 pm

Advanced: arrive 1:30 pm Play 1:45 to 3 pm

2. PARENT INTERVIEWS: Artistic Director Ms. Andrea meets with MATT parents once per year one- on- one to discuss their MATT comments and suggestions, students progress etc.. Please sign up for your 15 min. interview soon to lock in your best time. Bring your ideas to share. PURPOSE of Interviews:

  • discuss students’ progress

  • view progress reports from private teachers

  • discuss your thoughts and suggestions for program

3. ENSEMBLES : One rehearsal remains for Ensembles. One may be selected for June Concert performance. Do not miss your last rehearsal! FINAL REHEARSAL DATES for ENSEMBLES:

TUESDAY WEEK  2 ensemble sessions

START MARCH 5, then March 26, Apr 23 , May 7

4:35 - 5:05 QUARTET 

     Mia, vln /Lillian, vln, /Sarah vla, / Layla  cello-  5:15 class) 

5:30 - 6 pm  QUARTET

        Nathan vln. /Leila , vln ,/ Sofia M. vln / Johann R cello 


TUESDAY WEEK  1 ensemble sessions

START MARCH 19, then April 2, April 30 and May 21

4:40 - 5 -5:10 QUARTET:

    Jordan vln / Rashad vln , Aaron vln. /Matthew cello  (Matthew - 5:15 class)   

5:25 -5:55 TRIO:

          Samantha, vln 1 /Kaylen, vln /Rochelle, vln :  wk 1- (Samantha has 6:15 class) 



Practice charts filled in daily FOUR times per week . Bring chart to class!

PIRATES MUSIC: for full cast performance at June 7th concert!

DON’T FORGET F natural (not F#) cello: all F’s are low-played with 2nd finger!

violin/viola: 2nd finger touches 1st for f natural BUT: Keep 3rd finger high.

Please write in the names of the notes in your music. Review to bar 26 for the June 7 concert

Strictly Strings Review Page 17 : 1-3 to Page 1 new : 1-4. NEW PAGE 18: 1,2 3 Home- work: # 5, 6 and 7. KEEP your eyes on the NOTES!

D scale-- D scale handout- play and READ daily

Twinkles: long bows and with one of the rhythms below each day

Our rhythms : run pony, mississippi hotdog, mississppi ,mississippi,

I stop & you stop


MUSIC :THEORY ASSIGNMENTS The following students still need to hand in Theory Sheets:

Amadea- Grand Staff,Treble clef, Musical words; Dakila,#4 Bass clef Musical words; Nayali,#3 Grand Staff , Bass clef, Please hand in in your overdue assignments. .They are helpful in learning to read music



Practice charts filled in daily FIVE times per week . Bring chart to class!

PLAYLIST for SELECTION June 7th Concert.

1. Orchestra Book : p.4 Trumpet Tune. Scale of G

2 p..11., March in style of Corelli

3 March from Scipio

4 Fandango

5. Largo Handel ALL- careful counting!!

PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN bars 1 to 51 scale of G major:, Scale of F Major-Bb/ F&C natural NO #s,


Practice charts filled in daily FIVE times per week . Bring chart to class!

. PLAYLIST FOR June 7th. Concert:

SOLOS: 1. Amazing Grace- cello solo, by Johann

2. Gabrielle’s Oboe- violin solo: by Mya Norman

3.. Canon

4. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

5. Rondeau

6. Deep River

7. Au Clair de Lune CELLOS : See help videos by Mr. Brown for :google Youtube Music at the Towers.. THANKYOU Mr Brown!!

8. Danny Boy

NB: Special practice sections for : Au Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy- : special work with teacher as follows:

Violin I . bars 24 & 25, 35-42

Violin II . bar 1-4, 37 , 43 -46

Violas . bars 1-4 tuning, 31-34, 43-46

Bass . bar 8-9 , 26-33,51-65-end

9. Pirates of the Caribbean - learn to the end with BOWINGS