1. May 21 : Final ensemble rehearsals before Play a thon performances All ensembles play to audition for the June Concert opportunity.

    2. Interviews Begin Monday in the Lunch room. Please wait in the hall till your app’t time.

    3 Please reply today to Ms. Currie’s email about July 1st invitation..



    All students are required at attend their class Play a thon Performance- see schedule below. One hour for each class participation - rehearsal for the June 7 Showcase Concert

    ALL Beginners: arrive 10:45: Play 11 to 11:45.

    Tuesday Intermediates.: arrive 11:30 Play 11:45 to 12:30

    Thursday Intermediates : arrive 12:15 Play 12:30 to 1:15 pm

    Ensembles / Solos: Arrive 1:pm. Play 1:15 to 1 :45 pm

    Advanced: arrive 1:30 pm Play 1:45 to 3 pm

    Bring class music.and stand with your name on it.. Wear MATT t shirt with casual clothing

    Parents are needed during your own child’s class time only, to help students care for /store cases etc and to hand out the snack after performance. Please see Yogita if you can help .


    BEGINNERS: Concert Pieces: Doh a Deer, Twinkles, Long Long Ago, Pirates ( June 7th )

    Practice charts filled in daily FOUR times per week . Bring chart to class!

PIRATES MUSIC: for full cast performance at June 7th concert!

Extra Help : Come to Intermediate Tuesday Class at 5:15 and play it with us!

Or Attend Advanced Class at 6:15 for 15 minutes

DON’T FORGET F natural (not F#) cello: all F’s are low-played with 2nd finger!

violin/viola: 2nd finger touches 1st for f natural BUT: Keep 3rd finger high.

Please write in the names of the notes in your music. Review to bar 26 for the June 7 concert

Strictly Strings Review Page 17 : 1-3 to Page 1 new : 1-4. NEW PAGE 18: 1,2 3 Home- work: # 5, 6 and 7. KEEP your eyes on the NOTES!

D scale-- D scale handout- play and READ daily

Twinkles: long bows and with one of the rhythms below each day

Our rhythms : run pony, mississippi hotdog, mississppi ,mississippi,

I stop & you stop


MUSIC :THEORY ASSIGNMENTS The following students still need to hand in Theory Sheets:

Amadea- Grand Staff,Treble clef, Musical words; Dakila,#4 Bass clef Musical words; Nayali,#3 Grand Staff , Bass clef, Please hand in in your overdue assignments. .They are helpful in learning to read music



Practice charts filled in daily FIVE times per week . Bring chart to class!

PLAYLIST June 7th Concert.

1. Orchestra Book : p.4 Trumpet Tune. Scale of G

2 p..11., March in style of Corelli

3 March from Scipio

4 Fandango

5. Largo Handel ALL- careful counting!!

PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN bars 1 to 51 scale of G major:, Scale of F Major-Bb/ F&C natural NO #s,


Practice charts filled in daily FIVE times per week . Bring chart to class!

. PLAYLIST FOR June 7th. Concert:

SOLOS: 1. Amazing Grace- cello solo, by Johann

2. Gabrielle’s Oboe- violin solo: by Mya Norman

3.. Canon

4. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

5. Rondeau

6. Deep River - Play a thon only

7. Au Clair de Lune CELLOS : See help videos by Mr. Brown for :google Youtube Music at the Towers.. THANKYOU Mr Brown!!

8. Danny Boy

NB: Special practice sections for : Au Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy-

Violin I . bars 24 & 25, 35-42

Violin II . bar 1-4, 37 , 43 -46

Violas . bars 1-4 tuning, 31-34, 43-46

Bass . bar 8-9 , 26-33,51-65-end

9. Pirates of the Caribbean - learn to the end with BOWINGS