Dear MATT students and Families,

I am SO looking forward to seeing you all next Tuesday for class start-ups! I hope you have all found in the August Blog below, the information you need to get back on MATT track for this new session!

BUT IF NOT , please see below- a new system is in place for rentals and registration!. Before we can get going you MUST drop your MATT rented instrument for repair and maintenance check to be done THIS WEEKEND!

ALSO: please bring all folders and class music used last year for return and sorting in class #1

After school today drop into the Lunch room offiice to get the β€œred tape β€œ out of the way! Otherwise you may find it more difficult to join in fully next week


Dear MATT families,

We still have a whole month to go, but in order to keep you well-informed , here are some very important notices you will need well ahead of time before we re-start in September. Enjoy the next month of vacation and family time!

  • Congrats to all Students and Parents who participated the Towers BBQ- the wind almost got the better of us, we we DID succeed in playing a couple of short concerts!


    After school Wed. and Thurs.3:30 - 7 pm Sept 4 and 5 please bring your MATT instrument to the lunch room. It will be inspected for possible repairs and returned Sept 10 in class after rental forms are in and fees are paid,

    MATT office contact resumes August 19th. Yogita will pick up your call between 10 and 12, and return messages which arrive at other times: 905 497 2220

    REGISTRATION BEGINS August 19th. Applications are in the website e and can be email ed to Yogita. Fees and rental forms /payments to be collected by Sept 10th.

    Classes resume Sept 10th, 11th and 12th. Times and dates of classes after Aug .19. Most classes will be held at same times as last year. Beginners classes will be also offered Wednesday 5pm and Thursday 5 :30 pm

  • ADVANCED AUDITIONS Sept 4 and 5. An audition schedule will be available on this BLOG Aug 20th All Advanced and Intermediate students planning to audition should call Yogita and select your preferred time.

    Below you will find the Audition requirements.

    NB; PLEASE bring an extra copy of your solo for the audition teachers

    Violins need to obtain the solo pieces from Amir. Please contact him if you do not have them. Viola, cello and bass pieces are found in Suzuki book 2

    Class Placement Auditions for September 2019


    Auditions for all advanced students and interested Intermediates for an Advanced Class place, will be held in September of 2019.

    Schedules to sign up for auditions will be e mailed out in August, 2019.

    WHAT? Audition requirements for Intermediate to Advanced classes for each respective instrument is provided below.

    Audition requirements must be reviewed and practiced with your private teacher. Summer lessons are recommended to ensure a successful audition for advanced class placement

             Audition Requirements for 2019


    1.     Solo Piece (Suz Book 2 level)

    2.     RCM  2 sight-reading passage in D or G major 

    3.     D Major Scale :2 octaves or G Major Scale: 2 octaves


    1.     Suzuki 2: Solo Piece

    2.     RCM 2 sight-reading passage in C or G major

    3.     C Major Scale: 2 octaves (or) G Major Scale: 2 octaves w,arpeggios


    1.     Suzuki 2: Solo Piece 

    2.     RCM 2 sight-reading passage in C or G Major

    3.     C + Scale: 2oct. (bass 1 oct.) (or) G +Scale: 2 oct. ; with arpeggios, for cello

    Solo Piece Options: Intermediate or Advanced > Advanced Auditio

  •  You are required to play 1 solo piece to the best of your ability.

  • It is recommended that your piece include a minimum of 1 shift out of 1st position.

  •   The solo piece performed does not have to be memorized but those who do memorize it will gain 2 extra points out of  50 

Solo piece Options:


1.  Sonatina op 163 #4 (A. Diabelli arr. K Wood)

2.   Valse from  Five Little Pieces  (A. Tucapsky)

3.    Concertino in G major op.11 (F Kuchler)

All pieces to be provided by A Khouri


  1. No. 7 Two Grenadiers ( R. Schumann) Suzuki Bk 2

 .2. No.10 Gavotte (J.B. Lully) Suzuki Bk.2


1.No. 6 Hunters' Chorus (C.M. Von Weber)

2.No. 9 Theme from "Witches Dance" (N. Paganini)

3.No. 12 Bourree (G.F. Handel)


Your choice of last 3 pieces in Book 1 Suzuki or another  piece of your choice