Our History


This unique and educational beginning level orchestra program for ages 6 to 14, began in 2011 with 8 children from Brampton Towers, a complex of four high rise buildings at Charolais and McMurchy in Brampton, with the support of Manager Rafal Milicer. An orchestra program has the unique benefit of building co-operation skills among the children, as they support each other’s musical learning. Since we started we have grown to teach over 50 children in three levels, and has earned the confidence and further support of Towers owner, Oxford Properties, who now provide the several offices and areas for classes, public concerts, and Private lessons.


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Community Building

MATT’s value has been recognized in 2013 with Ontario Trillium Foundation and in 2015 with both OTF and TD musicounts making major donations to our cause, because they understand the importance of the vision it is realizing. In 2016 we received a sizeable grant from the City of Brampton to help us continue to grow the program and build for the future. Music at the Towers is seen as a valuable bridge between New-Canadian, low income, single parent residents of Brampton Towers, and the mainstream population, who also participate - through music, which is truly the International Language. And the powerful spin-offs of character-building and self-confidence, co-operation and thinking skills, self-discipline and learning, are equally important. This beginning level program is already feeding children in to the Rosebud Youth Orchestra, operated by the Rose Orchestra of Brampton, and possibly even into a lifetime love of and participation in music, for our children.

Our Sponsors