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ALL CLASSES START the week of Sept 9th


Made for the Community

We have worked very hard to create an inclusive and high-impact music course for our dynamic multicultural community in Brampton.


professionally taught

Our programs are taught by our  experienced and enthusiastic staff to provide a lasting musical education for your children.


Education through fun

Here are MATT we believe that learning should be a process created by curiosity and engagement, and thus we work hard to engage our students through learning.

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Music at the Towers has proven itself as a valuable bridge between the diverse community of Brampton Towers, and the mainstream population who participate in the program. We have students from ages 6-14 from many economic levels, cultures and family units.  Over the lifetime of the program, we have seen the harmonious inclusion of all of these diversities in all facets of the program. We continue to encourage inclusiveness through musical education and exploration.


What they're saying!

Parent Testimonials 2018 

Whenever I think about the, “Music at the Towers,” program I always feel like I have discovered a priceless hidden gem. I heard about the program through word of mouth. Both my children have been taking a weekly class with Ms. Currie since September. Every week when we walk out of class I am amazed at how much they have learned and how well they are progressing after only eight months in the program.

They started with the fundamentals: how to take care of their instruments, how to hold them and what proper bow grip is. They progressed to playing scales, reading music, playing bars and are now playing actual songs. They are given opportunities to play for real audiences as well as to attend professional theatre concerts at discounted prices.

Ms. Currie guides and instructs them based on their abilities. Her passion for music is obvious as she encourages and praises their every accomplishment. She takes her job very seriously and consequently the students work hard, initially because they don’t want to disappoint her but eventually because they know she is right and they are musicians too. 

It was a very pleasant surprise to be offered the opportunity to take private biweekly lessons in January. These lessons with private teachers have allowed my children to work on their individual needs and have helped their self-confidence.

The, “Music at the Towers,” Program is very organized and professionally run. Weekly homework and important information is always posted on the blog. Yogita efficiently takes care of many administrative details. She produces and distributes monthly calendars, follows up on attendance, makes frequent reminder calls, coordinates schedules, organizes the distribution of materials, collects payment and issues receipts. 

This program is of extraordinary value. Not only does it make the gift of music accessible to so many but it teaches students that what you get out of something is directly related to your willingness to be present and participate, and to practice and persevere. This is a life lesson that can be applied to many situations they will encounter.

Nives Bakker

Sophie has enjoyed everything about Music at the Towers from the lessons to the performances. Learning music in this setting helps her be part of a group and gives her a sense of accomplishment when she learns to perform a piece. The time at MATT will give her a lifetime of memories. I highly recommend for any family to join.

Alan Hernandez

My elder child is self- driven in everything and her music lessons are no exception. My smallest daughter is now adopting some of these skills because they both attend classes together at MATT. Ashleigh’s goal of playing the cello is being realized because of this program. Angelica on the other hand has become much more focused and organized and I testify that this is due to her study at Music at the Towers.

Janice Brown

"The decision to enroll my son in Music At The Towers in 2016, was one of the best decisions our family made. Matthew, my son selected to play the Bass at the age of 5 years old.  Immediately, we observed a drastic improvement with his self-confidence, patience and perseverance at home and in his classroom.  He is more focused in school.  He is currently reading (decoding and comprehending) at a grade 4 level. His teachers are very impressed because with his organization and positive attitude towards school.

As parents, we really appreciate the weekly practice time that is expected of each student. The chore of practicing diverse pieces always leads to the satisfaction of mastering it and performing in front of audience. My son enjoyed playing at The Rose Theatre—his first concert. He felt very proud to know that he was the youngest member from MATT to play. During the concert it was quite evident that Matthew felt that he was part of a team; playing in unison. Teamwork is an important skill to have; and the bass assisted in that development. 

As an educator, I strongly believe learning music is vital in a child’s academic journey. Playing a musical instrument provides increased opportunities for all children from diverse backgrounds and socio-economic communities. Music is very rewarding and opens up many doors.

Music At The Towers is an extremely vital program for the community. All 3 of my children are currently enrolled at MATT. My eldest will be starting high-school in September-she plays the cello; my middle child plays the viola and my youngest plays the bass. Collectively, they have been enrolled at MATT for 7 years.  I have also referred other parents from their school to attend MATT.  The teachers are friendly, patient and well-equipped. Music education is a lasting decision."  

P. Lawson

"MATT is such an incredible beneficial orchestra program for children, especially for those whose families do not have a lot of disposal income to pay for classical music lessons. I wish MATT had been around when I was a kid. It would have given me my heart’s desire to play an instrument from young, become accomplished and play in an orchestra all my life."


"I am happy and feel extremely privileged to have my daughter enrolled in this program. It has helped her develop a keen interest in music, built her confidence and made her more responsible and disciplined by practicing5 days a week. I think the MATT program gives kids in our community an opportunity to bring out their talents and most of all keeps them busy and helps them stay out of trouble"

S. Hooper

"My wife and I are immensely pleased with the benefits that our children have gained from this activity. 

They are both learning to play the violin. The instructions have improved their listening, memory and concentration. They have become more disciplined and reliable as a result of the demanding practice that they must do at home."


"Five years ago was when I first ever held a violin, now I am the Concertmaster of the advanced class. I have played two solo’s, one in 2014 and one in 2015. I really enjoy Music at the Towers. It’s an amazing program and is always throwing out opportunities for me to take. M.A.T.T is a commitment. Whatever instrument you play you will always have something to work towards."